About ProTrack

We are a team of experienced professionals with background in large-scale software application development combined with 20+ years consulting background and senior procurement leadership positions in international business organizations.


We aim for flexible and tailored software solutions that best suit our customer rather than offeringa 'one size fits all' approach.


Flexibility, speed, and customer focus are our main drivers and this is what our customers expect!



The ProTrack founders Sven Hankemeier has decades of experience in software application development 

Sven Hankemeier


Founder & CEO

(Chief Executive Officer)


Michél Hankemeier



(Chief Finance Officer)


Why us?

Our Philosophy - Your Benefit!


typically controls the majority of all external spend in every business environment.


Procurement excellence is strategic and a key differentiator for the business.



broad and suited to your requirements along with software solutions tailored to your needs


to engage the way that will enable you to deliver results or meet todays challenges in 




will demonstrate our ability to provide right tools and approach so you are cost successful!


skilled professionals with long standing and proven practical hands on procurement experience.

Enabling Businesses to be Cost Successful!